Inspiring Homes for a Vibrant Community


The award-winning Genton architecture practice weaves creativity, contrast and dynamic minimalism through the Townhaus design. The way each space is inhabited directly informs the external facade, with deliberately restrained architecture inspired by the versatility and simplicity of West Melbourne’s industrial warehouses. A rectilinear spatial configuration, as well as large windows that maximize natural light, draws attention to the energy and movement of daily life.

A minimalist Home That Is Larger Than Life

With a minimalist approach, each residence is bespoke and crafted to provide a refined and calm space that acts as a backdrop for individual taste. Rooftop terraces invite a sense of tranquility that extends throughout the homes with lush plant life, clean design elements and generous natural light. The end result is a functional and elegant home that encourages limitless imagination.

Houses and Humans, Together in Unity

Townhaus, a symbol of its residents and their colourful lifestyles, contrasts against the darker colour palette and the rich industrial roots of West Melbourne, synergizing not only with the surrounding environment, but also with the very populace itself.

With metal as its industrial aesthetic, aspects of efficiency and transparency are represented when married with glass. From the masonry comes durability and strength; softened by the natural woolen carpets which ensure comfort and luxury.

Lastly, timber flooring permeates warmth throughout the home, and with balance and harmony of all these materials combined with exquisite architecture is what makes these Townhaus the perfect canvas upon which to create your light, draws attention to the energy and movement of daily life.